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Top 20 Le Touquet-Paris-Plage

Top 20 Sightseeing in Le Touquet-Paris-Plage

Le Touquet, officially known as Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, is a beautiful commune located just nearby Boulogne-sur-Mer. This special place in France’s Pas-de-Calais department is popular for being the most elegant and most luxurious summer holiday destination in the northern part of the country. It is located just an hour drive away from Belgium and England.

Although Le Touquet has only a total of 5,355 residents, this chic town welcomes more or less 250,000 tourists during summer season. Its pristine beaches, fashionable villas, and beautiful gardens are among the things that make this French coastal resort one of the top destinations in Europe.

Let us take a look at what interesting places we can visit in this French town with this list of top 20 sightseeing spots in Le Touquet.


Le Touquet Museum

Culture and art minded people will surely love being there at the Le Touquet Museum. This delightful museum is housed in a once private villa which was built in 1925.  Le Touquet Museum was opened to the public on July 9, 1932. It displays various pictures and paintings collection from a group of 200 Etaples artists. The museum was established by the Société Académique with the help of a few donators including the well-known Parisian publisher Edouard Champion who was at that time the deputy Mayor. The museum can now be seen at the 1930 building known as the Villa Way Side.


Covered Market Le Touquet-Paris-Plage

Le Touquet-Paris-Plage’s  covered market is a neo-regionalist style structure that was built in 1931 to 1933. The semi-circle shaped market is situated at rue de Metz,  Le Touquet. The market was originally uncovered. The construction of the cover was only started in 1982 and was completed a year after. The entire building of the covered market, including its roofs, lobby, facades and its 1960-built south wing, is subject to historic monument registration since January 24, 1996.


Lighthouse Canche Touquet

The Lighthouse Canche Touquet, also known as simply Lighthouse, is an octagonal tower that was declared on April 19, 2011, as one of the historical monuments in Le Touquet. The lantern of this 58 meters high tower can be accessed through a 274 steps staircase. It is situated nearby the estuary of the Canche in Le Touquet-Paris-Plage. The Lighthouse Canche Touquet was founded with bricks and concrete in September 1951.


Bay of Canche Beach

You can find a couple of sandy beaches at the mouth of the River Canche. Even though swimming is strictly prohibited on the Bay of Canche Beach or Baie de Canche, a lot of tourists still love to visit the area. The beach is considered as one of the most beautiful places in Le Touquet and is a perfect spot for those who are looking for a peaceful and panoramic place to relax, unwind, camp and stroll. From the bay area, tourists can be able to enjoy the magnificent view of the opposite bank where the Ste-Cécile-Plage is located. There is also a spacious campsite and a nautical center in the area.


Villa Wallonne

Another villa in Le Touquet that is frequently visited by many tourists every year is the Villa Wallonne. It is situated at Daloz Boulevard corner Brussels Street. The roofs and the facades of this ancient villa are subject to historic monument registration since August 12, 1998.


Villa Tata Ice

Villa Tata Ice is a villa that was built in 1926 and was designed by architect Horace Pouillet. The villa is located in the Golden Triangle, a residential area in Le Touquet nearby the town hall and the church. Villa Tata Ice was named and was built in memory of Aunt Alice. It has already won a number of competitions in the 1960s. It is being characterized by its form’s strength.


Villa Sous Les Pins

Villa Gigi, currently known as Villa Sous Les Pins, is yet another known villa in Le Touquet. The pergola of the terrace and the facades and roofs of the villa are considered among the historical monuments of the city, subject to registration since December 1, 1997. Villa Sous Les Pins can be found at the Castle Street. It was constructed in 1923 and was designed by architects Émile Molinié,  Albert Pouthier, and Charles Nicod.


Villa La Rafale

Like the other villas in the city, the roofs and the facades of Villa La Rafale are also subject to registration since May 12, 1997, as one of the historical monuments of the city. It is situated at the corner of rue des Dunes and Louis-Hubert Avenue. Villa La Rafale was constructed in 1894 and was designed by architect Louis Cordonnier with a combination of German, Anglo-Norman and Dutch style. The villa was originally made to serve as the architect’s and his family’s summer residence and was known as among the most ancient villas in Le Touquet. However, he sold the property in 1900 when his wife died. Today, the former summer residence is converted into apartments.


Villa St. Augustine, Thalassa, The North Wind and the Sun

The roofs and facades of St. Augustine Villa, Thalassa, The North Wind and the Sun are subject to registration since May 12, 1998. This villa was constructed in 1910. It was one of the largest villas in Le Touquet and the only gigantic family villa ever built in the sea front. It can found at the corner of Jules Pouget boulevard and rue de la Paix. Villa St. Augustine, Thalassa, The North Wind and the Sun was originally constructed with three areas, the North Wind, the Sun and the St. Augustine. The villa was then divided into two portions, the Thalassa and St. Augustine. The family still owns three of the four parts of the villa even up to this time.


Town Hall of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage

Le Touquet’s town hall was constructed in 1931 with the design of architects Pierre Drobecq and Louis Debrouwer. It was basically made out of local masonry materials like Hydraquents and Baincthun stones. The city hall is situated at Daloz boulevard. Its belfry has a height of 38 meters and it is equipped with prehistoric clock chime that is still in working condition since 1931.


Quentovic Museum

The Quentovic Museum, locally called as musée quentovic, displays associative collections of items found during archaeological excavations. The museum was installed in the two former 17th-century mansions located at the main square of Le Touquet. The objects displayed at the Quentovic Museum will drive you into the distant history of prehistoric Europe’s maritime and strait transport. The museum also exhibits an abundant collection of fossils and minerals that were discovered from different places in the region.


Aqualud Water Sports Center

If you are visiting Le Touquet with your kids, your whole family will surely enjoy and earn happy memories together at Aqualud Water Sports Center, or simply Aqualud. This 4000 square meters water park is situated just on the shoreline of the city, at the Boulevard Thierry Sabine. This family themed water park takes pride of its more than 2 kilometers slides, Jacuzzis, multiple outdoor and indoor pools, and on-site casual dining. One attraction that is loved by kids is the park’s mermaid which shows up every half an hour to invite the guests to swim at the lagoon.


Land Yachting

Have you ever tried land yachting? Well, in Le Touquet you will enjoy the city’s splendid land yachting tradition. If you do know how to do it, no worries because there are also lessons at the Base Nautique Sud available for all levels.


Saint-géry Church

The city is basically a summer vacation destination for tourists from Paris and Europe. This interesting church is home to Rubens’ wonderful “Entombment” as well as to Jaspart Marsy’s notable polychrome marble jube.  The Saint-géry Church is the most ancient church in the city. It was built in the 6th century and was rebuilt sometime in 1697 to 1745. The structure of the cathedral was designed with a combination of French Classicism and Dutch Baroque style architecture. In the 11th century, St. Gery Church was converted into Saint-Aubert abbey-church. The church used to be the safe keeping place for the seized goods of the clergy during the Revolution.


Equestrian Park

Are you in for a fun day of horse back riding? If yes, then you might as well be interested in visiting the Equestrian Park nearby the Canche. It is located somewhere between the city center of Le Touquet and the airport. This equestrian center Bouquet was established in 1971. It occupies a land area of over 65 acres. The equestrian park features two race tracks, two roofed riding arenas, and over 230 individual boxes. The race course of the park is well known worldwide as an important venue for a number of equestrian and horse racing tournaments. The equestrian park is open all year long.


Touquet Thalassotherapy Centre

Summer is not just time for family holiday vacation and relaxation, but also a perfect time to get in shape. In Le Touquet, you can enjoy all these three things. You just have to include in your itinerary a visit to the most well-known wellness center in the city, the Touquet Thalassotherapy Centre. The location of the wellness center alone is more than enough for you to enjoy a relaxing time in the city. It is intentionally built facing the sea. Among the things you can enjoy here are seaweed wrap, whirlpool baths, relaxation treatments like hot volcanic stone massage, and sea water pool.


Touquet-Paris-Plage Golf Course

The Touquet-Paris-Plage Golf Course was established in 1904. It is one among the most stunning and popular golf courses in the Opal Coast. Touquet Golf Club features one 9-hole course and two 18-hole courses which are listed as among the top 100 18-hole courses in the entire Europe. Regardless of whether you are a pro player or a beginner, you will surely enjoy it being here. Touquet-Paris-Plage Golf Course is an ideal place for both relaxation and leisure.


Spa Nuxe

After a tiring yet enjoyable day of roaming around the city and visiting various beaches, villas, and historic monuments, you can treat yourself with a dose of both comfort and pleasure at Spa Nuxe. This luxurious spa is housed inside the Westminister Hotel. Among the many amenities that you can enjoy at the spa are the sauna, the jacuzzi indoor pool, and the  steam room.


Étaples Military Cemetery

Photo by: Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Photo by: Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Étaples Military Cemetery is home to more than 11, 500 catacombs of various personalities and soldiers from the United Kingdom, India, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand,  and Germany who died during World War I and World War II. This Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemetery is located in Etaples, just nearby Boulogne, and Le Touquet. Étaples Military Cemetery was designed by Edwin Lutyens. It is considered as the greatest cemetery in the entire France. Among the prominent personalities entombed here are Australian Machine Gun Corps Private Jim Bonella, West Kent Regiment Lieutenant Colonel William Robert Aufrere Dawson DSO, Royal Field Artillery Major Douglas Reynolds, General Staff Brigadier Edgar William, and Tank Corps Captain Noel Forbes Humphreys.


Chantier de Construction Navale Traditionnelle

The Chantier de Construction Navale Traditionnelle, known in English as the Yard Shipbuilding Traditional, is a one of a kinds workshop that is dedicated to a shipwright . It has been around since 1951. Here you can learn the right way to do the traditional wooden shipbuilding.